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Supported Employment Fidelity Review Manual


November 27, 2023

View the manual: Supported-Employment-Fidelity-Manual-Fourth-Edition-2019

The Supported Employment Fidelity Review Manual provides information about how to successfully conduct an IPS fidelity review using the 25-item Fidelity Scale, also known as IPS-25. The scale defines the critical components of IPS employment support.

Whether you’re a team leader preparing for a review, a new reviewer learning about fidelity, or a experienced practitioner using this as a guide, the goal of this manual is to provide guidance for all stakeholders to understand the fidelity scale. In particular, it provides fidelity reviewers with information to score the fidelity items in a reliable and consistent way.

The manual provides information about the purpose of a fidelity scale, planning a fidelity review, conducting the review, scoring the 25 items, writing the fidelity report, and providing technical assistance about programme improvements to leaders and service providers.

The Supported Employment Fidelity Review Manual is an essential resource for fidelity reviewers and can also be used by team leaders and IPS supervisors.


Becker, D.R., Swanson, S.J., Reese S.L., Bond, G.R., & McLeman, B.M. (2019). Supported Employment Fidelity Review Manual (4th. Ed.). Rockville, MD, USA: The IPS Employment Center at the Rockville Institute, Westat (Formerly Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center).

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