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Integration in Mental Health and/or Addiction Teams


March 28, 2024

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is the name given to the evidence-based practices which support people with lived experience of mental health and addiction issues to gain and sustain competitive employment. Over 30 years of research shows that employment is a health intervention, offering social inclusion, a sense of purpose, financial stability and health benefits.

IPS is characterised by eight practice principles, one of which is that employment support and mental health and/ or addiction treatment is integrated, whereby services are offered simultaneously.

Click on this link to related resource: IPS employment support information for clinicians

Download the guidelines below to read about the the crucial role of clinicians, how to utilise treatment team meetings to support the best outcomes and ensuring an effective integration by adhering to IPS employment support fidelity.



Becker, D., Swanson, S., Reese, S., Bond, G., & McLeman, B. (2019). Supported Employment Fidelity Review Manual – A companion guide to the evidence-based IPS Supported Employment Fidelity Scale (4th Ed.). New Hampshire: Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center.

Swanson, S., Becker, D. (2013). IPS Supported Employment A Practical Guide. New Hampshire: Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center.

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