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Advice and Consultancy

Commissioning Services

Commissioning and funding a new (or continuing) IPS employment support programme needs to be backed up by the evidence and a track record of results.

We can help with expert assistance at any stage of the process, including sharing data and stories about the impact of employment support in Aotearoa, showing how employment changes lives.

Strategic Advice and Guidance

Implementation of IPS employment support is a process that can involve philosophical, organisational and programmatic changes. Our team of experts can provide advice and practical support to help your organisation develop and deliver a successful IPS programme.

We can spend time with your team to:

  • share information about the benefits of the IPS approach
  • give tailored advice and support to design programmes
  • explore your current practices, structures and philosophies that are consistent with IPS employment support
  • create implementation plans for your organisation.

Our consultancy services are ideal for NGO, health and education providers, or government agencies who are interested in investing in, developing or delivering IPS services.

Practical implementation support

Our team of experts help translate the wealth of evidence in this field into tailored ‘how to’ plans for you and any partner organisations. We spend time getting to know your needs before creating a plan to help you achieve results.

Our implementation manager provides individualised support to ensure you have the necessary ongoing support and tools for implementation. This can include on-site coaching, mentoring, training and general support.

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Useful Tools and Templates

Work Counts can help ease the administrative side of setting up a new IPS programme.

We have a full range of information and operational templates for your leadership team, steering group and employment consultants.

These tools have been adapted for the New Zealand context and enable consistent and quicker implementation of an IPS employment support programme.

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Where to start?

Contact us so that we can talk through your organisation’s needs and identify the best approach.

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