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Fidelity Reviews

Fidelity is key to improvement

Fidelity reviews are a continuous improvement process where a service is reviewed against the IPS employment support approach. A globally-recognised fidelity scale translates the principles of IPS into items that a service can be scored against. The higher the score, the greater the quality of the service. Follow this link to view a sample fidelity scale.

We can assist you to prepare for and undertake a fidelity review. Our reviewers can spend time with your organisation to review the quality of IPS implementation with a series of observations, interviews and document reviews.

We also offer support with action plans to improve fidelity between reviews. This can include training and practical implementation support, targeted at those areas you would like to improve.

An independent fidelity review can also assure stakeholders and funders of the effectiveness of your programme.

To book a Fidelity Review or Fidelity self-assessment, please contact us.

Fidelity self-assessment

A fidelity self-assessment is a reflective exercise about each of the items on the relevant fidelity scale (IPS-25 or IPS-Y) and how to keep your current practices, structures and philosophies consistent with the IPS approach.

Work Counts will guide you and your team on how to rate yourselves according to the fidelity scale. Take this opportunity to identify the elements of IPS you are following well or any areas for improvement. Following the self-assessment, Work Counts will provide you with an Improvement Plan. The fidelity self-assessment will also prepare you for any future fidelity reviews.

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