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Fidelity Self-Assessment


March 28, 2024

A fidelity self-assessment is a reflective exercise, a discussion about each of the items on the relevant fidelity scale exploring your current practices, structures and philosophies that are consistent with individual placement and support.

Using either the ANZ Supported Employment Fidelity Scale (2011) IPS-25 or the IPS Fidelity Scale for Young Adults (2020) IPS-Y as a team, you will be guided on how to rate yourselves.

This is not a pass or fail exercise, nor is it an audit. It is an opportunity to identify what elements of IPS you are following well and what are the improvement areas for your IPS employment support programme. Work Counts will provide you with an Improvement Plan following the self-assessment. The fidelity self-assessment will prepare you for any future fidelity reviews.

Download the full information sheet below. 


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