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Integrating Employment Information


March 8, 2024

Integrating employment information with mental health records

Fidelity Scale item: Integration of employment support with mental health treatment through frequent team member contact

Individual Placement and Support requires collaborative and sustained efforts. The goal is for all practitioners to support each person’s employment goals using a cohesive team approach.

Benefits include:

  • Integrated employment and mental health records are a way for clinicians to remain informed and up to date about a client’s employment goals
  • Having employment notes and care treatment plans closely aligned promotes regular contact and communication between employment consultants and clinicians
  • Information can be lost during staff turnover and if employment documentation is not maintained in the clinical record, this may become problematic
  • It is also imperative that notes are integrated for the purpose of providing evidence during fidelity reviews
  • Good employment notes can influence care and treatment decisions and vice versa for employment support decisions.

Download the guidelines below to find out what to include in a clinical record and to read the full document. 


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