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The IPS approach for job seekers and whānau


November 16, 2023

Learn about how the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) approach could benefit you and your whānau.

What is the IPS approach?

IPS helps people with mental health challenges who want to get and keep work. It’s integrated with your mental health care and treatment. The approach is used across the world, and it’s proven to work.

Is employment good for my mental health?

Not only does employment contribute to income, it can support you to build self-esteem and confidence. For many people, work can be good for your health and can give you a sense of purpose in life.

Does it cost me anything?

If you’re referred to an IPS employment support service through your clinician, then there is no cost to you (the services are funded by New Zealand government departments).

What can we expect from IPS programmes?

  • A warm welcome
  • An employment support experience, tailored to you and your individual needs
  • A focus on your strengths and skills when identifying jobs and career options
  • Your mental health team ensuring care and treatment plans are aligned with employment support plans
  • Knowledge that evidence-based, best practice principles for employment support are being used

How do I access employment support providers who offer the IPS approach?

Funding and accessibility differ across New Zealand, but feel free to ask your mental health clinician for options in your region.

Alternatively, check out this list of IPS providers  or contact us for more information.


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