What is IPS?

Individual placement and support (IPS) is an employment support approach that was originally developed for people experiencing mental health and addiction issues. The IPS approach has since been tested in the fields of corrections, military and some long-term physical injuries.

IPS offers intensive, individually tailored support to help people find a job of their choosing, and ongoing support for the employer and employee to help ensure the person keeps their job.

27 randomised controlled trials and 30 years of evidence have shown that IPS is a very effective form of employment assistance, for people with mental health conditions.

“My employment consultant would meet me at the same location as my mental health team to help make the process easier.”

By identifying her strengths and skills and focusing on a tailored approach, Angela’s employment team were able to get her back into work within a year.

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Read about the eight main practice principles below.

Integrated services

Successfully assisting people who experience multiple barriers in gaining employment is a real team effort. Therefore, employment support is integrated with a person’s treatment or support team.

Competitive employment

A person is supported to obtain a job that anyone can apply for, that pays at least the minimum wage and isn’t created or set aside for people with disabilities.

Zero exclusion

People are not excluded on the basis of readiness, diagnoses, symptoms, substance use history, psychiatric hospitalisations, homelessness, level of disability or criminal history.

Employer engagement

Employment specialists visit employers who are selected based on the person’s preferences, to learn about their business needs and hiring preferences.

Rapid job search

Once a person decides they want to work, an employment specialist will begin the job search quickly to ensure the person is meeting with employers within 30 days.

Individual preferences

IPS programme services are based on each person’s preferences and choices rather than those of the employment specialist.

Benefit planning

Employment specialists help people obtain personalised, understandable and accurate information about their Work and Income, Inland Revenue and other government entitlements.

Ongoing support

Support is individualised and continues for as long as the person requires.

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