There was a high level of interest in our Work Counts webinar ‘IPS employment support in alcohol and drug services.’

UK trial of IPS employment support in drug and alcohol teams

England’s trial of IPS employment support in drug and alcohol teams is the largest research study in the world investigating the delivery of IPS employment support in addiction services.

Paul Anders and Dr Rob Robertson shared:

  • the policy context to the trial
  • insights into the practical challenges of implementation
  • solutions with proven success.

Possibilities for Aotearoa New Zealand

“Seeing the successful scale-up of IPS employment support in the UK shows just what is possible with strategic, health-led expansion,” Work Counts strategic policy advisor, Dr Helen Lockett said.

“England is now sitting at near full coverage, from what was previously widespread awareness and interest, and small pockets of good practice.

“This is an amazing development. We want full coverage in Aotearoa New Zealand too – we are only at around 25 per cent coverage now.”

IPS employment support in drug and alcohol teams found to be effective

IPS employment support in drug and alcohol teams was found to be effective, despite the trial running through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rob said they had overcome the challenges of integrating employment support in clinical teams by winning over champions, sharing people’s success stories and being consistent and concise with the messaging on what IPS employment support is.

The experiences of the UK also highlighted the importance of implementation support to achieving good integration and effective outcomes.

“I think there is a big future for IPS in England and the UK. We certainly hope that it involves community alcohol and drug treatment,” Paul said.

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Feedback on the webinar

“Practical examples of challenges in implementing IPS in a UK setting in an AOD [alcohol and other drugs] service and what ideas/tips they had for managing this. Was invaluable and extremely useful, reassuring to similar issues here.”

“Real-life experience in an alcohol and other drugs setting.”

Thank you!! Just what we need in community alcohol and drug services – I will get others who haven’t been able to get in today to see the recorded session.

“Really enjoyable and a thought-provoking start to the day. Thank you.”

“Loved the initiative, enjoyed the webinar and got new research and names to contact – excellent!”

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