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Health regions show collective support for scale-up

Title page of Position Paper for IPS employment support scale-up


September 22, 2021

Health regions show their collective support for IPS employment support scale-up.

In late 2021, the Mental Health and Addiction Reference Group released a position paper calling for a scale-up of IPS employment support and outlining ideas for an inter-agency plan.

The position paper was developed and presented to the IPS national steering group in September 2021.

Most importantly, the paper gives collective endorsement from all district health boards to increase access to IPS employment support.

The Mental Health and Addiction Reference Group is a forum comprised of general managers and clinical directors representing the 20 district health boards, Ministry of Health, and lived experience representatives that makes recommendations on issues that affect the commissioning of mental health and addiction services nationally. The group works collaboratively to provide strategic leadership to improve mental health and addiction outcomes for New Zealanders through the planning, funding and provision of services, with a focus on equity.


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