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Implementing employment support programmes can involve organisational changes.

Work Counts offers a range of practical training and support to help you develop and deliver successful evidence-based supported employment programmes that are seamlessly integrated with your current service delivery approach.   

Recognising that every organisation is at a different stage on the employment support journey, our services can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

 In following people for 30 years in dozens of research studies, it’s totally clear to me that there’s nothing that helps people to recover in the same way that supported employment does.

 Robert Drake, M.D, Ph.D

Consultancy services

Implementation of evidence-based employment support is a process that can involve philosophical, organisational and programmatic changes. Our team of experts can provide consultancy and support to help your organisation develop and deliver a successful IPS programme.

We can spend time with your team to:

  • share information about the benefits of the IPS approach
  • give tailored advice and support to design programmes
  • explore your current practices, structures and philosophies that are consistent with IPS employment support
  • create implementation plans for your organisation.

Our consultancy services on offer are ideal for NGO, health and education providers, or government agencies who are interested in developing or delivering IPS services. 

If you’re unsure about whether or not this is right for your organisation then please contact us and we can talk through your organisations needs and suggest the best approach. 

Fidelity reviews

Fidelity reviews are a continuous improvement process where a service is reviewed against the IPS approach. A globally recognised fidelity scale translates the principles of IPS into items that a service can be scored against. The higher the score, the greater the quality of the service.

We can assist you to prepare for and undertake a fidelity review. Our reviewers can spend time with your organisation to review the quality of IPS implementation with a series of observations, interviews and document reviews.

We also offer support with action plans to improve fidelity between reviews. This can include training and practical implementation support, targeted at those areas you would like to improve.

An independent fidelity review can also assure stakeholders of the effectiveness of your programme.

Download an example fidelity scale. (321 KB)

IPS training

An introduction to the IPS approach

If you are wanting to understand evidence-based employment support this three-hour session will ensure you understand the basic elements of IPS. What is it and why implement this approach?

The training is ideal for anyone interested in supporting people with mental health and addiction issues into employment. This could include employment support practitioners, health professionals, peer and family organisations, Work and Income case managers, Department of Corrections case managers, policy professionals, funders and leadership teams.

Download An introduction to the individual placement and support approach overview PDF (colour 225 KB or grey 143 KB)

Doing what works

IPS has been internationally recognised as an effective method of supporting people who have multiple barriers to employment to find and keep work.

This training is ideal for employment specialists who want to use IPS principles in their day to day work to improve outcomes for people with mental health and addiction issues. The training is ideal for anyone that directly facilitates employment support in their day to day job.

Learning objectives include: the eight principles of IPS and their application to practice; research evidence; fidelity review; employment support in the New Zealand context (including policy drivers); the enablers, barriers and solutions to implementing IPS; and developing your action plan to embed evidence-based employment support into your practice.

Download the Doing what works overview PDF (colour 212 KB or grey 143 KB)

Let’s talk about work

For people with mental health and addiction issues, the attitudes and perceptions of support people are important when returning to work. Clinicians’ attitudes are key to the success of any employment support programme.

This training session will challenge perceptions, raise aspirations and bust some commonly held myths. It includes tips on how to have effective conversations about returning to work. It will give participants a range of tools to use and increased confidence in talking about employment as part of wellbeing.

This three-hour session is for people working in the health or social services sectors, as well as wider support teams and family/whānau.

Learning objectives include: initiating employment conversations; risk and benefits of unemployments vs employment to health; social benefits of work; ability to discuss real life success stories; utilisation of decision making tools that supports employment.

Download the Let’s talk about work overview PDF (colour 233 KB or grey 164 KB)

Managing personal information

What do I say to people about my health condition?
How do I talk about my convictions to an employer?

These are frequently asked questions when people consider a return to work. This training session will help you understand what is meant by managing personal information within an employment context, and why it is an important consideration.

This three-hour training session is ideal for people working in health or social services, Ministry of Social Development, Department of Corrections, other support teams and family/whānau who want to learn more about this topic. This training is also available as a full day training session for employment support practitioners or anyone who has employment support as a key component of their role.

Learning objectives include: understanding the difference between managing personal information vs disclosure; how to share sensitive information and for what purpose; identifying the pros and cons of sharing personal information; supporting people to develop a plan and statement for their own personal use.

Download the Managing personal information overview PDF (colour 235 KB or grey 171 KB)

Bespoke IPS training

We can work with you to provide the training you need to meet your specific requirements in developing and delivering a successful IPS programme.

Tools and templates

Work Counts can minimise the administrative burden of setting up a new IPS programme.

We can provide a full range of operational templates for your leadership team, steering group and employment specialists. These tools are relevant for the New Zealand context and enable consistent and quicker implementation of a employment support programme.

Practical implementation support

Our team of experts can help translate the wealth of evidence in this field into tailored ‘how to’ plans for you and any partner organisations. We can spend time getting to know your needs before creating a plan to help you achieve results.

Our implementation managers can provide individualised support, in person, via video conference or phone to ensure you have the necessary ongoing support and tools for implementation. This can include on-site coaching, mentoring, training and general support.

Over the last decade the Work Counts team has been at the heart of the international IPS community, supporting organisations to become centres of excellence in the individual placement and support approach.

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