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Webinar: New insights on IPS employment support in Aotearoa

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In this research webinar from February 2021, the team from Insights MSD (Ministry of Social Development) present findings from an evaluation of IPS integrated employment support services in Aotearoa New Zealand.

About the webinar

Supporting people to realise their employment aspirations is central to a modern mental health and addiction system in Aotearoa New Zealand.

In some health districts, personalised employment support is integrated with care and treatment, but this is not yet widespread practice across the country.

The MSD team partnered with an expert team of researchers to look at long-established IPS employment support programmes. Download the MSD summary with new insights from the study here, or view implementation study reports for trials of more recently established programmes here.

This webinar from February 2021 offers the chance to hear how integrated employment support has been operating across five health districts.

Learn about how improvements can be made to support people who experience mental health and addiction issues to get employment.

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Click the link above to view a recording of the webinar. Download the webinar slides, below.

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IPS in Aotearoa New Zealand presentation

Moira Wilson, Insights MSD (Ministry of Social Development)

pdf, 362 KB

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