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Let’s keep using evidence and empathy in our economic recovery


May 7, 2020

Jacqui Graham, joint chief executive of the Wise Group, presented to the COVID-19 Epidemic Response Committee.

Jacqui spoke about the importance of evidence-based employment support services.

“Going forward, let’s keep using evidence and empathy in our economic recovery. Whilst we applaud the new employment centres being set up, there must also be an investment in having employment support attached to GP clinics and mental health centres, ” said Jacqui.

“The evidence shows us that we need to provide employment support integrated with care and treatment. That’s how we get the best results.”

We need to provide employment support integrated with care and treatment

Also presenting to the Epidemic Response Committee, the former chief science advisor to the Prime Minister, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, spoke of the interrelationships between employment and health, and the evidence of the impact on unemployment on mental and physical health.

At Work Counts, we know that employment changes lives. Having a paid job can be a key part of helping people maintain wellbeing and recover from mental health and addiction challenges.

If we do not provide the right type of employment support as soon as possible, the economic disparities that already exist for people living with mental health and addiction issues will get even worse.

Now more than ever, people need hope and timely employment assistance.

Worried about Work – a resource for employment consultants

In response to the effects of the pandemic, Work Counts have developed Worried about Work – a resource for employment consultants when talking to new or existing clients.

The resource includes information on:

  • supporting people’s physical, mental health and addiction needs
  • making a new claim or amend an existing claim for Work and Income benefits
  • employee rights during the pandemic
  • workplace health and safety practices in relation to COVID-19.

This resource draws on multiple sources of information, to bring it into one helpful guide for employment consultants.

Update: This resource is no longer available, since the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.

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