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Employment as a health intervention


January 5, 2020

In this journal article, the authors write that there is now good evidence on the best approach to supporting people with mental health issues to secure and sustain jobs. IPS is a proven psychosocial intervention which translates across countries and into real-world mental health services.

Although it may be happening in other countries, as yet there is no proven method for implementing IPS on a larger scale in Australia and New Zealand. The article calls on the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists to take a lead in adapting practice to the evidence and states that it’s only through influencing policy, funding and planning that this evidence will be brought into routine clinical practice.


Lockett H, Bensemann C. (2013). Employment as a health intervention – the role of psychiatry in bridging the evidence to practice gap. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. 2013;47(5):417-420. doi:10.1177/0004867412466594

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