Expert assistance to develop and deliver evidence-based employment support.

One approach for better results

Work Counts offers practical support and training to organisations that are implementing an individual placement and support (IPS) programme within their services. 

Because employment changes lives

Having a paid job can be a key part of helping people maintain wellbeing. IPS is an evidence-based approach to helping people find and stay in work. Integrated with mental health treatment and support, the approach is used across the world, and it’s proven to work.

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“The process is person-centred. You’re treated like a person, not a number.”

From day one of her employment journey Anne's mental health team worked in parallel with her employment consultant to ensure the process was as seamless as possible.

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We know it works

25 randomised controlled trials and 30 years of evidence shows that IPS is an effective form of employment assistance, for people facing mental health issues.

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