IPS in New Zealand

Services adopting the individual placement and support (IPS) approach have been operating in New Zealand for some time.

Research and experience show us that implementation support and technical assistance really helps in integrating employment and mental health services. It also improves programme reach and outcomes and importantly for many people, encourages employment’s role as a health intervention.

IPS employment support national steering group

As part of a commitment to support the development of high quality IPS programmes in New Zealand and internationally as part of the Learning Community, New Zealand has established an IPS employment support national steering group. This group provides oversight and information sharing in relation to IPS development and implementation across the country.

Representatives from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Development, job seekers and their family/whānau, NGO’s, district health boards and Work Counts currently make up the group.

Auckland DHB leads IPS pilot in New Zealand

An IPS pilot project in Auckland and Counties Manukau (2015-2017) successfully tested the use of dedicated implementation support and technical assistance to improve the reach and effectiveness of IPS in the New Zealand context.

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Work Counts host IPS expert in New Zealand

IPS employment support expert Sandy Langfitt Reese has spent two weeks in the country learning more about how New Zealand organisations are implementing the IPS approach, while getting a taste of the kiwi culture.

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IPS services in New Zealand